We are on the Playa !

The time is now! So looking forward to seeing our family once again!

…and Mobility Camp will be located at 6.30 and Center Camp Circle! 
We are again going to be located on the Inner Circle, the street which surrounds Center Camp, across from the Center Camp tent and the Cafe itself.  If The Man is behind you and you are walking past Center Camp tent, veer toward 6.30, to the right, and say hi, come for a tour!
Center Camp Inner Circle has it’s very own little clock, which maps out addresses differently from the clock which maps out Black Rock City, let us remember.
Our camp is full for the 2014 burn! Though do come by and say hi!  - Consider us for next year…..Mobility Camp is open to both the mobility impaired and able bodied…..so click here to email us about camping…..or start by visiting our camping with us page
Maybe you want to volunteer with Mobility Camp, get involved doing something fun, different and important…let’s talk about it….click here to email us….
Join us for Art Tours 4x Daily…..on our beautiful hayride trailer, behind our trusty+dusty golf cart…..she’s a beauty…..leaving from Mobility Camp at sunrise each day - 5:45 AM! We dare you – greet the day with adventure and us! We run tours each day at 9:00 am (morning tour) 6:00pm (twilight tour) pm and 9:00 pm (the night tour). Look for schedule changes on Burn Nights…..priority is given to the mobility impaired, always, though we do service the walking wounded and there is almost always room for the able bodies get on there too…..
Our Dragonfly

Our Dragonfly

Charge your medical equipment with us!

Join us for our workshop – ‘How to make your Camp + Art Car even more Wheelchair Friendly’ – Wednesday at High Noon, a short and informative workshop led by people in the know…..all in the name of radical inclusion! 
We are hoping that there will be Short bus service this year:) , another vehicle with a wheelchair lift…fingers crossed…
…..and of course we will have the Book Crossing Zone, the Temp Tattoo station and the gifting box once again this year!
Anyone that you know, who is alternatively abled, can have a great time on the Playa!  Pass our contact information on, and/or email us for more!

Please feel free to contact us and make your suggestions. We are going to do it better, and better and really great. Really Great ! 

Email Rat Lady and Brittt :  brcaccessibility(at)gmail.com

Mobility Camp not only provides wheelchair friendly art tours 4x daily, a charging station for medical equipment and rustic wheelchair friendly camping facilities…Mobility Camp also provides educative support to the alternatively abled, as well as their supportive friends and family via our website and email  prior to the burn, answering any questions you might have. As well, we work to raise awareness regarding mobility, and provide supportive information to Burners who wish to make their Art Cars and Camps radically inclusive for the mobility impaired !

We continue to work on building a strong camp team for future burns, if you are interested, please contact us!  We had a very nearly full 2013 camp, but continue to look for burners both mobility impaired and able bodied who can add to our experience and the experience we offer to others.

We are continuing to revision the camp…..a sudden leadership change close to the 2013 Burn had it’s challenges!  We are proud to be able to continue the 16 years of vision and services offered by Mobility Camp, in the name of radical inclusion!

We are always looking for your help and support. We welcome volunteers and other resources should you be in a position to help, please visit our wishlist page.

Thanks !

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4 thoughts on “We are on the Playa !

  1. brcdoa Post author

    Always looking for help from Wheelchair friendly Art Cars and Other Vehicles! The Camp can always use more Gas powered Golf Carts, Hand Controls are a big plus! If you have a wheelchair friendly vehicle Please contact us:) And stop by on the playa and we will see if we can get some great rides hooked up!

  2. joel

    Hi I’m going to be building a mutant golf cart. I hope to have it aproved sooner rather than later. I would love the chance to help others with rides out to the deep playa. I put a back seat in that can carry 3 people. It is easy to get on and off. Well by for now joel

    1. brcdoa Post author

      Hi Joel,
      We are always looking for vehicles to assist us in our quest to make BRC accessible! Did you want to camp with us?
      Rat Lady


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