How Can I help?

If you want to camp with us and work to make the City and the Art more accessible, Contact us at [email protected]. Burning Man is Wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs at Burning Man.

If you want to help but can’t attend this year, or have already made prior commitments for your time on the playa, you can Donate to usĀ  via Pay Pal, at our email address, Mobility at Burning Man.B

Every little bit is welcome and will be put to good use! We are basically starting from scratch, so the more money we have, the more services we will be able to provide.Disabled at Burning Man.

Tell your friends! Yes, Burning Man is possible for the Mobility impaired!Can Disabled camp at BM?

Build your Art, your Art Car and your Camp to be wheelchair friendly!are there Accessible Art Cars.

Keep checking back for more information on how to prepare yourself, your friends, your camp and your Art!Can I bring my wheelchair to Burning Man? Disabled vehicle permits at Burning Man, how?

Burning Man has wheelchair users, Burning Man needs mobility services. How do the disabled cope at Burning Man? Are there Mobility Services at Burning Man? Is Burning Man disabled accessible? Is Burning Man Handicapped Accessible? How Can I power my wheelchair at Burning Man? Will my Electric wheelchair work at Burning Man?


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