Code of Conduct

Mobility Camp Code of Conduct

Mobility Camp promotes a safe and consent based environment, free from harassment and abuse of members and visitors. By participating in Mobility Camp, you are agreeing to adhere to the following Code of Conduct. Violations of this Code can result in a warning, Suspension from Mobility Camp, Expulsion from Mobility Camp, or Ban from Mobility Camp.

So.. DO Practice and teach Newbies about the 10 PRINCIPALS! DO SIGN UP and SHOW UP for Four minimum shift requirements, DO practice Intentional Self Reliance, DO respect others and their property, DO be polite, civil, helpful and friendly, DO ask permission of others, and DO help make Mobility Camp a SAFE ENVIRONMENT by respecting the following things you should NOT DO.

1.Not Showing up or Not Signing up.

Not Showing up for your shifts or showing up for you scheduled shifts intoxicated (By anything). Not signing up for shifts or not signing up for required number of shifts.

2.Intentional Non-Self Reliance.

A conscious choice to not bring necessary equipment and or Attendants to be self reliant and prepared for the Playa environment, causing other Mobility Camp Participants to alter their Burn to care take you.

3.Non-Consensual Intoxication.

The act of secretly giving someone a drug experience that they have not asked for or consented to.

This unwanted attack on a person is considered “Consciousness Rape”. Non-consensual means there wasn’t consent — in other words, that the victim did not say “yes.” This can include situations in which the victim struggled, said “no,” or tried to get away. But it can also include situations in which the victim was unable to say no.

4.Non-Consensual Photography

The act of photographing someone who has not expressly said yes to being photographed.

Always ask first.

5.Sexual Misconduct

Non-consensual physical contact, including any type of unwelcome sexual interaction.

6.Predatory Behavior

Unwanted and non-consensual form of the following: intimidation, harassment, stalking, verbal or physical abuse, violence against people, including children,or others property.

7.Reckless Endangerment

Wanton, flagrant, or repeated disregard for others or one’s own safety or well-being in a manner that demands the intervention of other participants, community members, volunteers or outside agencies, such as intervention by local law enforcement or fire department staff. This includes intoxication by any substance to the point that you require supervision by another Mobility Camper, Mobility Camp Leads or outside agencies.

Any form of impaired driving (DUI) including Driving to Mobility Camp or Home from Mobility Camp as well as on Playa.

Driving any Camp Vehicles impaired is grounds for immediate expulsion from Mobility Camp and permanent Ban from Mobility Camp.

8.Possession of or brandishing any type of weapon

Includes any weapon or firearm, compressed gas or spring powered pistol or rifle, bow and arrow, cross bow, speargun, hand thrown spear, sling shot, irritant gas device, electric stunning or immobilization device, explosive device, implement designed to expel a projectile, switch-blade knife, or knife > 10’ blade (does not apply to cooking).

9.Theft of any kind

The act of stealing or wrongfully taking property that does not belong to you and or representing property that does not belong to you as your own.


To make illegal entrance to someone’s property or to violate posted boundaries where any Mobility Camp event is taking place.

11. Violating Covid policies

Violating Current Camp Covid Policies by arriving to Camp knowingly Covid Positive. Not isolating (or leaving BRC) if testing positive in Camp. Not bringing Covid tests so that you can test on site if you feel ill. not following current Mask policies.