Covid Policy

Mobility Camp is dedicated to making our Camp as safe as possible for our uniquely vulnerable population. This policy goes toward keeping us all safe.

We ask all camp members (Vaccinated or not) to test before you enter BRC. If you test positive, DO NOT COME.

Everyone,  bring two tests so that if you feel ill at the burn, you can test.
If the first test is positive, you isolate yourself, test again the next day to rule out false positive tests.
We don’t want anyone to go home because of a false positive test!

If your second test is still positive. You can either Isolate for 5 days, or choose to leave BRC.

Mask wearing is up to each person outside. If you are going to be in close quarters inside, We ask that you mask up.    (We are Burners, we’ve been wearing masks for years, right?)

Getting tests should not be a financial hardship for anyone.
You can get free tests from the government up until May of 2023 and from some pharmacies as well.
Remember to stash your tests in a ziplock in the fridge or cooler because they don’t handle heat well.
Just working together to keep everyone safe.

Rampart is there if anyone gets severe symptoms, but they are an ER not a testing facility.
We have lots of folks, in our camp especially, that could have serious issues if they get Covid so please help protect your Campmates.

Dusty Thanks!