What is Mobility Camp?
Mobility Camp is a service camp at Black Rock City’s own Burning Man event. Our camp aims to foster a culture of inclusivity, ensuring that everyone, regardless of physical ability or on-site injury, can experience the joy of Burning Man.


How can I join Mobility Camp?
Please submit an application with our form here: APPLICATION


What benefits do members of Mobility Camp receive?
The biggest benefit is that you are able to contribute to a MUCH needed service to your fellow Burners! Many folks just assume that there are no wheelchair folks or other types of mobility impairments at Burning Man at all! We want to be sure no one misses out because they don’t think it’s possible for them! We are generally placed in a great location at 7:30 and center camp. We have electricity, low costs, and light work expectations.


What types of events or activities does Mobility Camp organize?
This year we will again be running an obstacle course for both a wheelchair and crutches so that able-bodied Burners can experience the Playa from the perspective of the Mobility impaired person. We host our legendary Tuesday family potluck. And of course the lovely round of Shiny Tours.


Are there restrictions to join Mobility Camp?
Not many restrictions. We don’t accept Biased, Racist, Offensive, Creepy or Lazy Dirty Assholes!

How can I stay updated on upcoming events or camp news?

The best way is to check this website periodically. We will soon have a newsletter.


Is there a code of conduct or set of rules members should follow?
Absolutely. Here’s one that we’ve used in the past. This list is every changing and adapting to fit our needs: CODE OF CONDUCT

Have other questions?
Please email them to us at [email protected]