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Camps & Art Car Accessibility Guide

We know that no one at Burning Man intentionally excludes the disabled from their Art, Art Car, Camp or Bar. Most times it is just because they never thought about someone in a wheelchair, or crutches, or with other special needs actually being at Burning Man.Handicapped at Burning Man in Disabled Camp

So, you want to make your Art/Camp/Bar/Structure accessible?

Radical Inclusion!Can I Camp in my wheelchair at Burning Man? Mobility at Burning.

From our experience, it’s good to pay attention to the following things.

Please keep in mind that all disabilities affect people differently.

Heat and cold may be more of a problem for folks with varied types of disabilities. Have a plan in mind for how they can warm up or cool off.

Small knobs or switches can be hard for someone who has limited use of their hands. Lever type knobs and larger switches are usually easier to deal with.

Be aware that some disabled folks are fragile and may be worried about injuries.Handicapped accessibility at burning man. Accessible Camps?

Osteoporosis, bone diseases, and just Old Age can make someone much more susceptible to broken bones (fractures) so remove any trip hazards that you can. Bury any extension cords that cross paths.

Make sure you mark tent stakes and guy wires with neon colors or lights, or both.

I use a Wheelchair, can I go to Burning Man? Accessibility at BM.

If you have somebody in your camp that is disabled, work with them first.

Ask them what their needs are, ahead of time and plan accordingly. They know best what kind of individual needs they may have.


For general accessibility,We have found that sticking to these guidelines works best:Accessibility at Burning Man? How Accessible is Burning Man to Wheelchairs? Wheelchairs at Burning Man, Handicapped at Burning Man?

Space needed: Please allow all passages and paths to be at least 40 in wide. (wider is always better, if you can make them 50in. better yet!).

If somebody has to turn in their wheelchair, the space needed is about 65 in by 65 in. Alternatively, a space that is shaped like a T will work to make a three-point-turn. Keep in mind that people who use a “third wheel”-setup will need a little more space.Make your wheelchair work at Burning Man. Mobility at BM.

A third wheel setup is a 360 degree free spinning smaller (like a small bicycle wheel) wheel on a frame that attaches to the front of a manual wheelchair, it lifts the small front caster wheels up off of the ground 3-4 inches and basically turns a manual wheelchair into a 3 wheeled trike. It makes mobility on the playa MUCH, MUCH easier. There are commercial versions available, but they are quite pricy ($500 and up!) If you have a handy camp member, they may be able to build one for way cheaper! It should attach solidly to the Wheelchair frame and be easily attached and detached, and not limit the normal use of the chair when not attached.

3rdWheelsm2Third wheel set up for wheelchair at Burning Man.


Doors should be about 35 in wide, minimum.

Mobility Scooters work!


Ramps also should be at least 40 in wide. Landings (change the direction of a ramp) should have a space of at least 65 in x 65 in.

Slopes should have a ratio of at least 1:9, a slope of about 1:12 works great. Handrails (on both sides) come in handy! Make sure that handrails are firmly attached and made of something that does not have splinters (like coarse wood) nor heats up in the sun (metal pipes NO!). Please make sure that your ramp is capable of supporting at least 800 pounds as some wheelchairs and mobility scooters can exceed 500 pounds, not counting the occupant.

Ramp Safety:

Be sure to assist any person in a wheelchair going up or down a ramp since most ramps at Burning Man are a lot steeper than in the default world. Always have the person go up and down backwards if you are assisting them, place at least one person on the downward side of the person in the chair.Are there access ramps at Burning Man? Will my wheelchair work?

However, always ask how somebody wants the situation handled first. They might not need your help!

Disabled at Burning Man? Yes! BRCDOA Camp.

Thresholds and bumpy surfaces:

Try to avoid them, especially at the top of ramps or any part of your structure that is already difficult to navigate. Especially important is packing in and leveling any filled trenches from burying cables or pipes. Hitting a soft spot in the playa can stop a wheelchair flat! Thresholds and bumps should not exceed a height of 2 in.

Art Cars and other vehicles:

Plan for your ramp and vehicle to be able to support at least 800 lbs. Electric Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters can weigh up to 500 lbs or more without a rider! Make sure you have a ramp that is wide enough, (40in. Or more) with sides extending at least 5 inches up so as you are loading, the wheelchair cannot roll off the side of the ramp. Make sure the ramp is level.I’m worried about mobility at Burning Man, can my wheelchair go?

Make sure the vehicle is completely stopped before loading and unloading wheelchairs. Once on the vehicle, there should again be some sort of edge so the wheelchair cannot roll or fall off the side of the vehicle. You need to have a way to secure the wheelchair on the vehicle. Tie-downs should be at least 3 point, preferably 4 point and the wheelchair brakes should always be on!

Please let us know if your art/camp/bar/structure is accessible.

We’d love to stop by on one of our many tours and

we’d love to pass on the word to our camp members!

A Wheelchair at Burning Man, Is there Disabled Access at Burning Man? I’m disabled, can I get around at Burning Man? Can I use my Mobility Scooter at Burning Man? Can I charge my electric wheelchair at Burning Man? are there Mobility services at Burning Man? is it ADA accessible?

Please note that the Black Rock Department Accessibility is NOT 100% wheelchair accessible!

We try to do the best with the resources we have.

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