Wish List

Here is where we ask for the things we need most!

Would like to donate supplies to Mobility Camp? We made it easy! Our wishlist will dropship any supplies straight to our camp lead and we will bring them out.
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Storage space, indoors, for our camp equipment as close to Gerlach as possible. Currently, some of our gear is almost 600 miles away and outdoors in a brutal climate.

Mobility equipment we can loan out (or give away) during the burn. Wheelchairs (with footrests, large front wheels 5 in or more), crutches (with tips, pads and screws) we especially need size for 5 ft 4 in and under, leg braces, all are welcome.

Donations are always welcome:) It costs $3,000 to $5,000 every year to bring Mobility Camp to the Playa. We are all volunteers, many of us are on very limited fixed incomes. You can donate via the paypal button on the right or our wishlist.


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